Kakatiya Degree College, Nalgonda is considered to be a good college with experienced faculty and motivated students.
Yet with the orientation and support given by the lecturers and their effective teaching, a marked change can be seen in their motivation levels and by the end of the year almost all the students define a purpose for themselves. Most of them actively enroll themselves in the N.C.C. and N.S.S. wings of the college and evolve as service oriented persons, upholding the values, we try to inculcate in them. By the time they come to the final year they become distinctly focused in their studies and reap excellent results. Many of them pursue their higher studies in premier institutes in India and abroad.The profile of our alumni is a heartening feature to note with many of our students holding very high positions in their careers.
Degree Courses
The courses and combinations offered are:
Part – I English
Part – II Second Language (Arabic / Hindi / Sanskrit / Telugu & Urdu)
  • B.Com. (Regular)
  • B.Com. (Computers)
B.Sc. (Biological Sciences)
  • BZC - Botany, Zoology, Chemistry
  • MbZC -MicroBiology , Zoology, Chemistry
B.Sc. (Mathematical Sciences)
  • MECs - Maths, Electronics, Computer Science
  • MPCs - Maths, Physics, Computer Science
  • MSCs - Maths, Statistics, Computer Science
  • MPC - Maths, Physics, Chemistry
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